Welcome to =CROW= Servers

=CROW= Servers groups different servers and gamemodes together, that adapt to the needs of the community, as well as the players. Our main goal is to play by taking a maximum pleasure in a player friendly atmosphere.

All of our official servers are set up with AutoAdmin, a rank system, votekicking/banning, votemaps, !report to report rule violators and we stream to GGC, ACI, PBBans and PBScreens. Our server configuration may change at any time, just like the slot size, gamemode and map. Different rules apply to different servers, please use !rules ingame so you are aware of them.

If you are interested in our admin team, or even interested in joining, please visit the staff section on our forums for more information regarding this subject.

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As of right now, we offer many different servers. The variety in our servers is large and you can find our servers by searching for CROW on the Battlelog servers page (or ask a CROW admin)!


=CROW= organises different tournaments on a regular basis. Do you think you have what it takes? Take a look on the tournaments page for more information!

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Ensure the future of =CROW= by donating to our servers! Donating to =CROW= gives you access to VIP status! Click here to read more!

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We need YOU to help support our admin crew. Are you active in our community? Are you interested in this offer? What are you waiting for? Visit the staff page!