Donations to =CROW=

Do you enjoy playing on the =CROW= servers? With your donations we can ensure the quality and the diversity that the =CROW= servers offer towards players. Donations will ensure our future and the evolution of the =CROW= servers and the community.

Please feel free to donate via PayPal if you are able to! All proceeds from your contributions will go towards the rent of the =CROW= servers.

In order to donate you can simply press the yellow button below. We appreciate all the donations and we therefore want to thank you!

VIP slots

By donating to =CROW= servers you get access to VIP slots.

VIP slots allow you to join the server at any time you like, even when it's full! You will never be in a queue again and instantly join the server! By obtaining a VIP slot, you will not only help yourself with VIP status, but you will also help ensure our servers and their upkeep!

If you are interested in a VIP slot, press the yellow 'donate' button below. Make sure you type your exact player name (or EA_GUID) in the donation window, and mention "VIP slot", or we will not be able to add you to our VIP list.

Price per month: $5,00 per server
Price for lifetime: $50,00 per server